So Who Are We?

Holy Spice is ancient wisdom packed in a jar.
We use the simplest yet most impactful element of South Asian cooking- the spices- to mainstream holistic wellness.

Honoring traditional knowledge

I grew up in Punjab, the Indian state of fertile farms and friendly folk. Growing up, I would spend my Sundays traveling to the nearby village with my grandfather for a visit to the Gurudwara (Sikh Temple). On our way back, we always stopped by farms where we played, spoke with farmers, and fed birds that were only to be found in those fields. In the winter months, these trips ended with a fulfilling cup of warm kadha that my grandfather would lovingly make for me. That weekly ritual became a valuable lesson in coexistence and engraved a deep appreciation for the traditional knowledge that sustains us.


Beginning of Our Journey

Two decades later, that appreciation has translated into the conception of Holy Spice, a WOC-owned business committed to making wellness sustainable. 

My childhood interactions with farmers showed me just how much care and effort they put into the food they grow for which they are not paid nearly enough.

I want to honor their dedication by ensuring that they are paid a fair wage through ethical sourcing of their produce.


Why Spices?

Spices are almost ubiquitous in any South Asian’s life. My mom was always ready with haldi whenever I scraped a knee playing outdoors. My dadu (grandfather) would be ready with kadha to combat the winter’s cold. Tulsi was not just a leaf we put in our chai but a deity we planted in the house. We truly do love to add masala to everything! Naturally, then, spices have been the channel through which I have come to understand holistic wellness. 

The ability to work up magic with these spices, however, remains a well-kept secret in South Asian households, passed down through family heirloom recipes. I wish to reveal and celebrate that knowledge by sharing it with you in an accessible manner. Holy Spices will offer a plethora of ways to use spices beyond the exotic golden turmeric latte, and into the daily cup of chai. A simple switch to a healthier lifestyle, with a dash of wellbeing into your plate!