What is Holy Spice?

Ancient wisdom packed in a bag.

Holy Spice is an ode to our grandma’s comforting recipes of the past and sustained efforts towards a healthier future. We believe in cultivating healthy habits in small, achievable doses.

Our harmonious blends of ethically-sourced, cherry-picked spices straight from the farmlands of India can give you a boost of warmth and nourishment in just a teaspoon.

All our spices are purchased at fair trade prices and a portion of the profits goes back to female farmers in India, which means that when you buy our spices, you commit to a sustainable future for others as well as yourself.  Let the wisdom of Indian culture seep into your life with just a dash of our spices.


Our Products

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The Gratitude Collection

Wholesome warmth on cold winter days. The love and ingenuity of our elders packed in three bags of quintessential comforting blends. We have been thankful for these family recipes throughout our lives, and now we want to share this bliss with you all.



As an all-women team at Holy Spice, we are proud to partner with Vrutti and support women farmers in villages near Bangalore, India on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Through significant monthly donations, we support Vrutti’s effort to equip women farmers with valuable supplies like heirloom vegetable varieties and vital skills in marketing and participatory guarantee systems.

Check out Vrutti's website and learn more about our partnership below in our blog.

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Our Customer Reviews

"Growing up Kadha was my mother's go-to winter drink, and I loved the warm, soothing feeling it gave. The Compassion Blend smells and tastes so fresh, and is perfect for me because I don't have to blend the spices myself!"
- Ipsa Agnani
"Holy spice is truly wellness packed in a bag. Their spices are authentic, nutritious and ethically sourced. I love the tangy flavor of Holy Amla and it goes great with their recommended smoothie recipes."
-Pratham Doshi
“I really loved my Holy Turmeric I’ve been trying to buy products from more ethical sources and I’m glad I stumbled on this company. Highly recommend it with honey and will definitely be repurchasing again”
-Jasmine Dioguardi